I had known Chris Pierce & Sunny War separately for several years. I first met Chris while he was on tour opening for Seal in Europe in roughly 2005 or so. I had gone over to Prague to hang out with some friends who played in Seal’s band and I got to know Chris on that trip.  Over the years he and I had the opportunity to collaborate on a few small projects here and there and we became friends. Not only is Chris an amazing singer and harmonica player, he is absolutely explosive live! He is super dynamic even when playing a solo show just him with acoustic guitar!

 A friend of mine introduced me to Sunny War a few years back when Sunny was only 19 years old. I believe she is 23 now. Sunny is a tremendous talent. She has a very unique guitar style and has a voice that seems angelic and haunting all at once. Sounds like something out of another era. Since I met her she has opened for Keb Mo, Booker T, Angeliq Kijo and more.

Chris & Sunny didn’t know each other but for one day I was just thinking about them and thought they should meet. I just thought they would dig each other.  I had them over to the studio and we wound up with a song a couple hours later. We wrote it together and then cut it live. No overdubs no editing.

After that we decided to do a record. All of the songs we cut the “basics” live the 3 of us sitting in the room together. Sunny playing acoustic guitar and singing, Chris with harmonica and singing and me playing bass.  Later I would do overdubs of electric guitar and some keyboards and add drums.


We had the very good fortune of Dave Way mix the EP.